Jane Cherry



My name is Jane Cherry and I am an artist and ceramist. I am based on Öland in Sweden where I have my home and studio.


As an artist I am an emotional and intellectual seeker.

It starts as an idea, question or sensation and continues with a brainstorming process that results in a number of loose sketches. When the sketching translates into the practical part of the creative process the sketches help to maintain the course.

The craft is an important aspect of my work and I continually strive to improve my skill as a sculpture, painter and potter. Embracing different techniques and materials allow me to focus on different themes and aid in heightening the expression.


When I create I write my own story and I make up my own truth but it is not enough to state the obvious for the truth lies in that which is hidden from us. By the use of symbols and association I attempt to bring myself closer to the real thing.


The idea, the creative process and the finished piece is a trinity where one could not exist without the other.

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